ICASA (International Collaboration on Adhd and Substance Abuse)

ICASA is a research organization with a focus on ADHD and substance abuse/addiction. ICASA strives to find answers and solutions for a better quality of life for people with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and an addiction via high quality research. The aims of the organization is to gain knowledge on the nature of the relationship between ADHD and addiction/SUD, to develop methods for prevention of SUD in ADHD patients, as well as to develop evidence based procedures for diagnoses and treatment of ADHD in SUD patients. ICASA is now a network of 45 members in 13 countries (including Hungary).

The current research projects of the ICASA organization are the IASP study (International ADHD in Substance use disorders Prevalence), including DNA sampling as well, an the CASP study (Continuous performance test for ADHD in SUD-Patients-study). Hungary – as an active member of the collaboration – participates in all of these projects.

The IASP study – as a main project – investigates (1) the prevalence rates of ADHD in treatment seeking patients with Substance Use Disorders. The differences and similarities between countries and between different substances and treatment settings are being investigated; (2) course and development of SUD in patients with and without ADHD; and (3) the validity of screening and diagnostic procedures for ADHD in this population.

You can also visit the website of the ICASA to find out more about the organization: